Production and sale of work gloves wholesale

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"Русский военный корабль - иди нахуй!" Help the army

Own manufactory since 2012

Come on a tour to see for yourself

Fast shipping

In any way convenient for you. The minimum order is 3000 pairs of gloves. Samples are delivered free of charge.
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Prices updated 2 days ago (07.06.2023)

Always available

More than 10,000 pairs of each kind are stored in the warehouse

We use natural cotton

Allows hands to breathe, does not tolerate allergic reactions and skin diseases that occur during prolonged work in synthetic gloves

Cotton thread of the highest A-class

Adding no more than 35% synthetics - this makes gloves wear-resistant, and the principle of "cotton - inside, synthetic - outside" makes the gloves even more pleasant and stronger
3 000 000produced per month10 000production time of one glove
gloves sold in 2016250 000produce gloves per day02:20

Circular knitting

The principle of circular knitting makes gloves more comfortable, due to the absence of seams, which can press and rub hands

Elastic Cuffs

Securely fix the glove on the hand, do not squeeze the wrist and do not interfere with the natural circulation

High slip protection

We use PVC coating, which does not crumble, does not fall off and provides high wear resistance, unlike gloves made in China

Use your smartphone without removing your gloves

A special electrically conductive thread at the fingertips allows you to operate the smartphone without removing gloves

We produce gloves of the 7th and 10th grade

The 10th grade is better suited for fine work, where the fine motor skills of the fingers are important. 7th grade is better suited for coarser works

Quality control according to standards

Come to us on an excursion. Look at the production and see for yourself the quality of gloves, or order free samples
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Download the price
Prices updated 2 days ago (07.06.2023)